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Nicole Moody              

Nicole Michaud

Wedding Photographer


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NM Photography has been providing wedding and portrait services all over the United states. Serving New England since 2017, and is currently located in the metro Detroit area and traveling often to the East Coast. My main goal is to create dynamic portraits by using; movement, directional lighting, open compositions, framing, and depth of field.

I strive to evoke natural and raw emotion to my photos, by capturing the perfect candid moment. I love utilizing natural light whenever I can as well as adding off camera flash to create memorable photos. Creativity plays a huge role in my life, it is what propels me forward and keeps me pushing the envelope .  My goal each year is to learn and grow as a photographer with better techniques, an ever changing creative eye, innovated compositions and a better ability to tell a story with my images.

I pride myself in working closely with my wedding clients to ensure the proper amount of time is needed by helping with the timeline, working with the DJ and lending my expertise in where, when events should happen and approximately how long I would need to capture certain things.

"Art isn't perfect, but the meaning, intent, and emotions behind it are"


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Wedding Collections start at $2400
Families at $300
Seniors at $275

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